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Sea Kayaking Day Tours

Day Tours :
* Turner River Kayak/Canoe Tours
* Six Hour Sea Kayak Day Tours
* Everglades National Park Kayak Tours

Multiday Tours:
* Traditional Sea Kayak Tours
* Base Camp Kayak Tours

Naturalist Led Guided Kayaking Eco Tours
6 hr tour departs ~ 10:00; $199.95 per adult
Kids under 12 $119.95 +taxes/fees
Reservations Required

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Kayaking is without a doubt one of the best and certainly our favorite way to experience the Everglades. Quiet and unobtrusive to wildlife, it is a great way to see things "up close and personal". Everglades Area Tours' day tours are an excellent introduction to kayaking and the Everglades Area for anyone of any age.

The Everglades Area is a very unique, yet dynamic and diverse system. This wild environment changes daily with the weather, stages of the moon, as well as the different seasons. Our guides have a pulse on these changes and have chosen to live and work in the area as a way of life and a passion. Everglades Area Tours operates kayaking tours all year long, not seasonally as all others do.

Three Hour Guide National Park Tours

Six Hour Guided Sea Kayak Eco Tour -- None of our tours are "canned". Each is tailored to the specific day and our group of guests. As such, we do not have fixed departure locations or routes, especially for the six hour tours. However, we typically target 10:00 am, but that varies with the local conditions, the tides, the season, the route, the location and our clients' desires and needs. We will discuss your desires and needs and the day's condition before the tour to determine the best launch time and location.

Everglades National Park - The 10,000 Islands. This is the most popular experience. We try to time the launch so that we can paddle from our launch sites and have the current in our favor. With the tides assisting us along, we paddle through the 10,000 Islands to a remote island beach for lunch on the Gulf of Mexico. After exploring the island and when the tide switches direction and begins to flow back towards our launch, we take advantage of the tide to "ride" it back home. It is a great trip. This trip can be influenced by the tides which can be quite strong. Sailing down wind, walking down hill, and in our case, paddling downstream is always preferred. Paddling against the currents, is not.

Wilderness Waterway. Another popular route is to the Everglades Park Backcountry along the Wilderness Waterway. Launching from Chokoloskee, we do a "loop" into the back country (with breaks) in one tidal river and out another. Timed right, we have the tides in our favor each way.

Safety. Safety is paramount. Your guide will take input from all, but the route selection and the choice of paddle craft is always left to his/her experience and judgment.

The area is vast and there is much to see, so where we actually launch depends is based on the local conditions that day. The Parks expansiveness can make navigating the area daunting. You will be paddling in state-of-the-arts kayaks and using the best of equipment. We select the craft best suited for the route, the guests and the conditions. Rest assured that each guide carries safety, navigation and communications equipment. You will be in good, experienced hands.

The six hour tours, are best for those seeking a more energetic adventure and is not normally appropriate for youngsters or the beginning kayaker. You need to be prepared to paddle in excess of 12 miles, sometimes opposing currents and winds and be able to sit in a kayak in excess of three hours at a spell. You will want to bring with you with you whatever you wish to eat or drink. A "six pack" cooler with snacks, lunch and some bottled water (2L) is perfect ...Don't worry, there is room on the kayaks for your gear.

We do recommend good sun protection ... hats, Polaroid sunglasses, and sun block. Most importantly, you will want to bring some good protective footgear so that you can get out the kayaks and wade in the shallows to see the "water critters" (and stretch your legs). Don't forget your camera!! (For more details and answers to many questions, Click Here)

Everglades Area Tours
238 Mamie Street ~ Chokoloskee Island, FL 34138
Information: 239-695-3633